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Being online means much more than a website. Your web presence is all about moving data between you and your clients in any number of different ways. We are here to make that happen!

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We have years of experience in data integration, web and mobile development, and data analysis, as well as recent experience in robotics and automation. Online by Design is capable of handling every kind of web-based application solution including such computer languages and technologies as:

JavaScript ~ PHP ~ Python ~ HTML 4/5 ~ CSS 2/3 ~ Drupal ~ WordPress ~ Django ~ Codeigniter ~ Angularjs ~ Node.js ~ jQuery/jQuery UI/jQuery Mobile ~ Bitcoin Payment Gateways ~ MySQL ~ MongoDB ~ PostgreSQL ~ … and more!

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Case Study: EZR Stocks

EZR Stocks is a unique approach to stock analysis. When an investor brought the concept to us, he wanted to know if it worked, but needed a significant amount of code written to test it.

To make his dream a reality, we designed and set up a database cluster, developed tools to gather data, and wrote algorithms according to his postulations. Because of the massive amounts of processing that needed to happen, we set up over a dozen servers to do the analysis and wrote a custom task distribution system to spread the processing to each of them. We also developed additional analytic tools to make the analysis more useful and accurate. We created a minimal website to share the analysis, which will be built out as needed.

If you are interested in some of the technologies used one of our developers blogged on it in April 2015 on his blog.

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